Information for Speakers and Session Chairs

Information for Speakers

Please note the time allocations as follows:

Plenary lectures 30 min (25 min talk plus 5 min discussion)
Symposia speakers 20 min (15 min talk plus 5 min discussion)
Selected abstract speakers 15 min (10 min talk plus 5 min discussion)
Commercial speakers 15 min (10 min talk plus 5 min questions)
We ask all speakers to keep their talks within the schedule.

Due to the tight program, presentations must be given to us well in advance of lectures (not later than a day before). Ideally, all presentations should be in a PowerPoint (*.ppt) format.

We would like the talks to be emailed to us at well in advance of the conference. We will acknowledge the receipt of the file. We advise that speakers bring a backup copy. It is not possible to email files larger than 5 MB, these can either be sent in several portions or brought on a portable device. Talks not emailed in advance must be given to us the day before the presentation so they can be loaded on our system. If you bring your presentation on a portable device please use an USB stick or CD (no floppys or zip discs).

We will provide facilities to preview/edit your talk before presentation. PC facilities will be available in the lecture halls.

Information for Chairs

EBEC 2012 has a tight lecture schedule and the role of the Session Chairmen is crucially important to insure a smooth running of the Conference, particularly in the light of the fact that there are parallel symposia and delegates may wish to switch from one symposium to another. Therefore, only a brief introductory statement is required.

You are required to give a “5 minutes to end of talk” signal to the speakers.

At least two conference employees will be present in each lecture hall to facilitate the smooth running of the session. They will also carry the roving microphones to delegates during the discussion.