Posters will be displayed in designated areas throughout the conference. As only 250 poster boards are available and if more poster are submitted, a second batch will be substituted for display on Tuesday.

Based on symposia topics defined times will be allocated to the delegates for their poster presentation (see lecture schedule timetable). Adhesive material will be provided for the attachment of the posters.

Please indicate if you are a postgraduate student as all student posters will be entered in a competition. Signs will be provided at the venue to designate student posters and prizes will be given for the best three posters.

Selected abstracts talks will be allotted a 15 min time slot (10 plus 5 min discussion). All PowerPoint slides must be loaded in advance, at the very latest on the day before presentation.


The size of poster boards provided for displaying the posters is 1200 mm wide x 1500 mm high. The posters should be A0 size and must have portrait orientation (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high).