Submission Deadline: 15th June 2012

General Information

  • Abstracts should be submitted for all plenary lectures, symposia lectures and poster.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the EBEC 2012 Local Organizing Committee.
  • Several poster abstracts from each symposium will be selected for to 10 min presentation (plus 5 min for questions) based on the quality and novelty of the work described.
  • Using the numbering system below all authors should indicate under which of the following topics their abstracts are to be submitted:
P. Plenary
S1. ATP Synthase
S2. Photosynthesis
S3. Mitochondrial Ion Pumps
S4. Membrane Transporter
S5. Uncoupling Proteins
S6. Complex I / NADH Dehydrogenases
S7. Biogenesis
S8. Mitochondrial Dynamics
S9. Mitochndria and Neuronal Function
S10. Transporters
S11. Signaling
S12. Complex III and Quinones
S13. ROS and Ageing
S14. Terminal Oxidases
S15. Mitochondrial Physiology
S16. Protein / Lipids Interaction
S17. System Bioenergetics
S18. Supercomplexes / Proteomics
S19. Mitochondrial Gene Expression
S20. Electron Transfer and Proton Translocation
S21. Others
  • Abstracs are to be submitted in Word format on the abstract registration hompepage. You will be receive a password for this page following your registration for the conference. Using this password you will be able to make changes to the content of the abstract until 15th June 2012.
  • All experimental procedures used to provide the data for the abstracts must comply with best practice and ethical approval where appropriate.
  • All abstracts submitted by the deadline of 15th June 2012 will be published in the Biochemica Biophysica Acta Special Issue EBEC 2012 Short Reports by Elsevier Publications.
  • Submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn once processed for publication.
  • All student posters will be entered in a competition. A prize will be given for the best three student posters.

Registration to the Abstract Homepage / Abstract Structure

In the course of the EBEC registration, you will be asked if you would like to submit an abstract. Poster presenters and speakers will be provided with a link to the Abstract Homepage and an ‘Account name’ and ‘Password’ by email. To submit your abstract, login to the Abstract Homepage with your ‘Account name’ and ‘Password’ and fill in the following fields:

  • 1. User name (create your own name)
  • 2. First author
  • 3. Password (create a new password for your abstract submission)
  • 4. Confirm password
  • 5. Email address
  • 6. Confirm Email address
  • 7. Abstract topic (The session during which you wish to present your work, sessions appear in a ‘drop-down’ menu)
  • 8. Form of presentation (Plenary/symposium talk; poster abstract)
  • With the “Send” button you will be forwarded to the page with the content of your abstract.
  • Please fill in all fields of the page:
  • 1. Abstract title (not longer than 300 characters including spaces)
  • 2. List of authors
  • 3. Author affiliation
  • 4. Text of abstract (not longer than 2.500 characters including spaces and references in BBA style)

Fields 1 to 4 can be filled either by typing or copy/paste. It is possible to edit the fields in order to insert special characters. For Field 1 and 4 the editing options bold, italic, subscript and superscript are also available and will be taken over by copy/paste. Typing a new version of the text will replace the old one. Use the ‘Send’ button to save your files. You will be able to change the content of the files the abstract until 15th June 2012 using your password and the account name.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to use the “Contact Us” link.